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"It is pure magic to watch the primary colors combine to create luscious nudes in every skin tone!"

"As a formulator, I love what I do. I have been in the beauty industry for most of my life and began doing nails several years ago. In a quest to offer my clients original colors, I opted to mix different existing nail polishes together in one bottle to create new shades. After several months of experimenting, my clients urged me to come up with my nail polish line. I love creating and learning, so teaching myself about formulating, color theory, artistry, packaging, and the entire business was so exciting. After producing my first collection, I met with local boutiques and salons, hoping they would want to carry my nail polish. The shop owners loved my product but wanted to have the nail polish branded under their name instead.

The idea of creating nail polish for other businesses intrigued me, so I decided to switch gears and take on a couple of projects. Fast forward 7-years and thousands of nail polish bottles later, OC Minx Cosmetics has grown to become a business offering high-quality private label nail polishes created with a personal touch.

We want to be your partners in success. Thank you for considering the OC Minx Cosmetics team for your nail polish project."

Mary Ann Kilgore M.A.
Formulator and "The OC Minx"

Color Creation

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Start your own nail polish line with OC Minx Cosmetics! Based in Laguna Hills, CA, we are a boutique private label manufacturer of cruelty-free, vegan, non-toxic nail polish. In business since 2014, we have helped many online businesses, nail salons, and spas across the USA and Canada become successful by offering their own branded nail polish. If you're interested in learning more about our private label nail polishes, order a sample package and contact us today.